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Welcome to the
Worthy Women Movement –

A place to RISE into your greatness

The Worthy Women Movement is about ALL women embracing their greatness within, it’s about connecting to that amazingly authentic part of you and not having to pretend, or ignore or those deep desires and dreams that you have any longer.   

Stepping into your greatness is about increasing your self-belief, courage, confidence and creativity, whilst you prioritise your self-care and follow YOUR divine mission.  It’s about recognising all those AMAZING gifts that you have AND believing more in yourself and your mission. 

The Worthy Women Movement can help provide you with a selection of divine offerings to truly help you RISE.   It’s time for more women to own all their incredible gifts within that they may have neglected, forgotten about or ignored.  It’s time to STOP hiding away and realising that YOU are just as important and have potent stories to share. 

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My Vision:

I want to help women to become more VISIBLE, CREATIVE and being able to ACTION all those deepest desires and goals, not allowing their fear to prevent them following their true mission and not allowing circumstances or other people to prevent them from reaching their pinnacle! 

I want to see more women in business writing chapters and books,  and becoming published authors. 

I want to see more women on stages sharing their powerful stories, knowledge and wisdom and becoming a public speaker to attract their ideal clients as they promote themselves and their divine offerings. Sharing their powerful work out to the masses! 

I want to see more women becoming visible and owning all of their talents and becoming their BEST version in both their business and personal life.  No more being invisible and the ‘best kept secret’.  I want women to step into their COURAGE and know that their powerful story, knowledge and wisdom needs to be shared to bigger audiences. 

I also want women to prioritise their self-care! This is why I create such blissful and beautiful events and retreats so that busy and exhausted women can prioritise their own self-care to a whole new level of BLISS.  I believe that a well-rested woman who feels nurtured and nourished can become unstoppable in her search for her greatest potential and helping impact others to a much greater extent. 

I want to create events and retreats to not only create exquisite life-long memories but real long-long positive shifts in their lives, including having the courage and confidence to create more impact and influence.  To realise that they are just as important and that they deserve to SHINE brightly and RISE into their GREATNESS. 

Where it all started ……

I started listening to those deep callings within my heart and soul and was intuitively guided to create a BIG event.  The Worthy Women Conference 2023 was birthed in its full incredible glory on March 11-12, 2023.

During the 12-month process of planning and creating the Conference, I realised it was a much bigger calling than just one event, and that’s when I decided create an entire MOVEMENT and the Worthy Women Movement was birthed!    I am now very excited that this movement has expanded and more wonderful offerings added to really help women RISE. 

The Worthy Women Movement is becoming a real community of women who celebrate one another and know there is no competition as we celebrate other women shining brightly, we can as well! It’s a beautiful energetic reaction.  

Here’s to YOU rising to become your very best version. 


The Worthy Women Movement’s divine offerings now include:

Bali Bliss
7-Night Retreat 9-16 June, 2024

Exquisite experiences for women

One of our divine offerings is the 7-night Bali Bliss yearly retreat can enhance your whole “worthy woman” experience and offers all of this and so much more. 

The next retreat is scheduled from 9-16 June, 2024 with only 8 places available in this exclusive and intimate retreat in the gorgeous UBUD.

Worthy Woman RISE Conference
5-6 April 2025 Brisbane Australia

These are 2-days just for YOU!

This is a 2-day face-to-face event which is a wonderful mixture of business, pleasure, spirituality and fun.  

It’s a place to feel connected with a deep sense of belonging, a place to feel inspired, motivated and for you to feel like you are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Attending this event, you will feel more energised and re-activate the PASSION within you. You will connect with other soulful, wise and wonderful women, while nurturing in YOURSELF at the same time!

The Worthy Women
Speaker Hub

Attention: Speakers, Authors and Coaches

The Speaker’s Hub is the place to be if you are an emerging or experienced speaker and the BEST place to be if you are an emerging author. It’s where you are selected for the online summits, discounts for sponsorships and speaking opportunities at the yearly RISE conference. 

New memberships open September and we officially start October.

Book Cover Rising Into Your Greatness
Rise in Your Visibility and Boost
Your Profile Exponentially

Become a published author in 2024!

We would love you to be one of the elite inaugural group of authors to be published under The Worthy Women Publishing House in our collaborative book.

” Rising into Greatness: Stories from inspiring and courageous women”

New RISE Magazine
RISE – THE Worthy Women
Online Magazine

Rise into your greatness

The Worthy Women Movements, online magazine RISE, features women who are rising in their greatness. Issue #1 theme is COURAGE and is full of incredible articles from women who share their extraordinary & courageous stories, wisdom and knowledge. 

RISE Worthy Woman Conference 2025

Worthy Women RISE Conference

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Divine Woman

We are ready to do it all again in 2025 - You're invited to the next annual Worthy Women RISE Conference.

Next year it will be held in Brisbane (venue to be advised) on Saturday 5 April – Sunday 6 April. Put these dates in your calendar and I hope to see you there.

All details, including sponsors and speakers to be announced in a few months.

It will be another weekend of business wisdom, personal development, personal stories shared, lucky door prizes (supporting Local charity Lily House), gift bags, fun, live entertainment and motivational music. So much goodness, connection and celebration!

Here’s to you all rising in your creativity, visibility and feminine leadership.


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The Worthy Women Movements, online magazine RISE, features women who are rising in their greatness.

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The Worthy Women Movements, online magazine RISE, features women who are rising in their greatness.